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 Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa has been in business since 1939. With over 1.8 millions members, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa has the largest number of subscribers in Iowa, covering nearly 70% of population. Wellmark strives to provide hassle free insurance that serves the healthcare needs of individuals, families and small businesses throughout the state. Covering nearly 99.9% of the providers located in Iowa, you can rest assured Wellmark has you covered. Wellmark's flagship product known as Alliance Select, is their most popular individual/family health insurance plan in Iowa. Offering a distinct advantage over every other health insurance provider, Wellmarks plans cover labs and x-rays with a doctor coinsurance payment so long as the procedures are handled at the providers clinic and not outsourced. Most of the other health plans offered in Iowa from other health insurance companies would not cover these services with a simple copay. With any other company, you would typically pay these expenses out of pocket and they would go towards meeting your deductible! Wellmark plans however, are rich in benefits and coverage. With 4 choices offered in the Alliance Select product offerings, one of the Comprehensive, Enhanced, Essentials and the new Health Savings Accounts will likely to suit your health care needs. Maternity coverage is only available with the comprehensive plan.

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan Cost and Coverage Information

Wellmark provides all health care services through their highly acclaimed PPO network known as Alliance Select and the managed indemnity plan through their Classic Blue network. You can rest assured that when utilizing the Wellmark network that 99.9% of the doctors are covered in Iowa. As a Wellmark member, you'll have access to Blue Cross Blue Shield doctors in the United States and throughout the World.

Some highlights to the plans offered by Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield include:

  • Hassle Free health insurance from the largest provider in the State of Iowa
  • The largest network in the state covering nearly 99.9% of providers
  • Maternity coverage starting day one after coverage begins. NO WAITING PERIODS!
  • Preventive Care coverage on most plans, not subject to a deductible
  • Blue Connection - online service to review benefits, claims and personalized health plan information
  • Better Beginnings - preconception and prenatal program
  • Blue Plus Club - discount program for Medicare recipients on services that include eye care, eyewear, durable medical equipment, prescription drugs and vitamins
  • Walking Works program - 10,000 steps a day program

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