Serving Iowa since 1985, Coventry Health Care provides health insurance to more than 70,000 residents and 500+ businesses in Iowa each year. Coventry strives to provide value and choices with their medical insurance plans. With a range of options that include open access, point of service and health savings accounts - Coventry Health Care of Iowa utilizes First Health Nationwide Provider Network with more than 485,000 provider locations nationally, operating in almost every county in the United States. Locally, Coventry has contracted with over 6,000 providers in Iowa:

  • 4,102 Primary Care Physicians
  • 1,350 Specialists
  • 130 Hospitals
  • 811 Ancillary, Mental Health/SA providers

Coventry of Iowa offers two basic health care provider models to choose from for their individual/family health insurance plans:

1. Open Access Plans
Members are free to access care from any health care providers within the network. A primary care physician is not selected. Non-emergency services that are provided outside the network are not covered.

2. Point of Service Plan
Payment and out-of-pocket costs are determined by how care is accessed. For the highest payment levels to apply, care must be provided within the network. For services that are provided outside the network, the member is responsible for higher out-of-pocket costs. For some plans a primary care physician must be selected.

Some highlights to the plans offered by Coventry of Iowa include:

  • Significantly lower premiums for people and couples under age 30 versus higher rates from many of their competitors in Iowa
  • 10% discount for family policy
  • 35% discount for Non-tobacco. IMPORTANT NOTE - we can rate a family and reduce premiums by separating the smoker and non-smoker. No other health insurance carrier offers in Iowa provides this option
  • No pre-existing condition period for medical conditions listed on the application.
  • Only a five year look back for health history. This is very advantageous for individuals who have pre existing conditions
  • No referral necessary to see a specialist!
  • Office and chiropractic copays
  • First dollar preventive benefits on most plans not subject to deductible! (ranging from $200-$500 per person/per year)

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